From Gossip to Growth

13 March 2024 @ 12 PM AWST (Western Australia Time)

In this 1-hour introductory workshop, you'll be introduced to the RESPECT framework, which is the exact framework used to eradicate workplace gossip. You will also learn more about the upcoming program From Gossip to Growth. 

Everyone who attends will receive a free copy of the RESPECT framework as a PDF download, which will enable you to start eradicating workplace gossip immediately. 

Rika Whelan

Workplace Gossip Strategist

  • Rika has worked in the Education sector for the last 20 years and during her time as an employee noticed that gossip was accepted as the norm and tolerated by leaders. It was having detrimental effects on individuals and workplace culture. 
  • When Rika's sister passed away in 2013 due to mental health issues, it stirred something inside Rika to advocate for mental health awareness. 
  • When stepping into a leadership role, she decided that she wouldn't accept gossip as the norm and would not tolerate it. She therefore put steps in place to ensure that the gossip was eradicated and stayed away for good.
  •  She is now sharing her knowledge with others with the intention of banishing workplace gossip and in doing so, supporting individuals who suffer from mental health issues as a direct result of gossip in the workplace. 


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